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High Speed, Energy Efficient & Cost-effective Inkjet Printers And Digital Duplicators

Since 1946 RISO ™ have been supplying fast, energy efficient inkjet printers and digital duplicators that allow companies to reduce running costs and increase productivity. Sustainable printing at your fingertips.

Imagine A World Where:


Business printing can be done using less energy, less ink, less space.


Corporate material can be printed, stapled and enveloped quickly and cost-effectively in-house.


Textbooks and tests can be printed on the spot with or without electricity.

Riso makes this world a reality!

Why RISO Africa?


All the functionality of a superior commercial inkjet printer and duplicator in a compact design to fit any workspace.

High Speed

Capable of printing up to 185 pages per minute in full colour with limited start-up time.


The most competitively priced inkjet printers and duplicators on the market.
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Energy Efficient

At 700 – 1000 Watt, our machines use less power than a hairdryer.


Capacity to fit a large staple of accessories for all-in-one envelope printing, binding, scanning, stapling, punching, folding, booklet making etc.

Award Winning

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint with RISO, winner of the Bronze Energy-Saving Award (2015).

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