Focussed on the latest in technological advancement along with beautiful design and ease of use, allows Riso to lead the field with fundamentally unique products.

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We build strong partnerships with a mix of local and international distributors to deliver quality products. These partnerships benefit all our clients, local and abroad.

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Technical support is one of the foundations of Riso’s philosophy to ensure a strong relationships and optimal copier performance for their entire lifespan.

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why riso

Founded in 1946, RISO™ (the Japanese word for IDEAL) continually strives to "create fundamentally unique products" - a development philosophy which has helped us give birth to truly unique products.

Since inception, Riso has fostered the belief that technological advance need not go against nature. This commitment to the environment is a core value engrained within the Riso culture, and is evident in our development of products that are designed to work in close, harmony with nature, from our most basic models to the latest Comcolor range.

We understand the conflict faced by business in balancing the need for a printing solution that reduces operating cost against growing concern for the environment. Innovation and environmental concerns no longer have to be mutually exclusive objectives: Our range of products are designed with patented, cutting-edge technology that delivers incredible performance at a fraction of the cost, time and energy consumption involved with conventional printing technologies.

Despite being the forerunners in our sphere of industry, we don't just sell printers... We tailor printing solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Your Ideal is our Ideal.